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duotone juice 15

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The Juice is the kite to have in your quiver to ensure a fun session every time you go to the beach.

Features: Constant bar pressure: Even in the lightest winds, the Juice always offers consistent and constant bar pressure. Suitable for light wind and twintip use: Especially the larger sizes are perfect for light wind days on a twintip. Fast and dynamic turning and maneuverability thanks to the flex struts: Thanks to the flex struts, the Juice has fast and highly dynamic turning capabilities. Flex struts for increased dynamism and maneuverability: With flex struts, even the larger sizes are very lively, providing dynamic maneuverability and intuitive steering. Various tuning options: Thanks to the different tuning options of the tip, you can tune the kite precisely according to your needs. Optimized construction details for reduced weight: The lightweight construction, combined with Trinity TX and flex struts, ensures weight savings.