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Conquering the light wind with the Hydrofoil board!

How many times are we on the beach and there is too little wind to use our classic kitesurf wings and boards?

Often kitesurfing with little wind becomes a real bore for many and having to stay on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up becomes an excruciating wait.

In light wind situations, large wings can be used, which even exceed 12 meters, but require different flight adaptations and often very slow and cumbersome handling dynamics.

The bigger the kite, the slower the response to the command will be and the power delivery will be different. By increasing the surface of the kite you can start talking about air style in over-range wind situations, in which the rider performs very prolonged aerial maneuvers. But in light wind conditions these mega wings allow you to surf with very large boards (twin tips and surfini) even with few knots of wind. A large kite can reach up to 21 meters in surface and are often of foil construction, which provides, that is, a non-inflatable structure to make the kite as light as possible.

This type of structure is used by expert kiters who are ableto fly very slow kites and safely manage restarts from the
water. In recent years, thanks to the Hydrofoil board, you can surfwith light wind using even small kites. The Hydrofoil 
consists of a board with a large carbon fin which, by gliding and lifting the board more quickly, generates less friction on the water, so much so as to give the idea that the rider flies over the water. This technology has always been usedin boats, especially in hydrofoils and, moreover, the Hydrofoil boards have excellent upwind capabilities thanks to the large fin that acts as a drift, just like in sailboats. Clearly they are not suitable tools for freestyle, but directional. This type of board has been gaining ground in the world of kitesurfing for some years now, as it is able to havefun in light winds and, why not, also give some jumps in complete safety.

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